Saturday, June 14, 2008

About name

What is there in a name?..huh..I broke my head to come up with this weird blog name..fortunately I did not have to choose my own name after my parents did the hard work...or the local priest did the trick..I don't know!! But could you stop breathing for a moment and look back..the recent trend is, after the child birth the parents are scrambling frantically the net to come up with an exotic (or the lack of it) name for their child..I do not know why? What if the child did not like name and change it later..all the research will go waste! But who cares..common..we live in the present..why to see the future which is so uncertain..some will say..hey..even I do not like my own name..who cares for my children? It's a common knowledge that few people likes their own name during childhood..but nobody cares (or dares) to change the name...But then why care for a name. After all what is their in a name?

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