Friday, June 20, 2008

Scientist at Work

This is my favorite poem. As I belong to this fraternity...

At the heart of the city there lies a park,
A quiet lot of souls seem to be at work.

All unaware of the pitch and dark,
All very aware, but to make a mark.

You feel as if the whole idea is about to spill,
But the real feel has been rotten in the heat of euphoria and thrill.

It seems they are fighting with their own soul,
Agony has risen, but no one perfect to console.

Now the soul has forgotten the real purpose of life,
It’s now always in need of something new and something to thrive.

Awake, amend and don’t let the soul to go,
Learn too quickly that you don’t have many lives to throw.

Alas! They completely immerse in search of tranquility,
O! That’s a permanent display of temporary insanity.

They promise to secure other’s future,
But theirs own present is in such a bad texture.

Their mind pretend to explode with spark,
Beware!! All scientist are at work!!!

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