Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Matrix

Coming back to my first love..that is writing weird poems...this happened after I saw my first show of the movie "The Matrix"..after that I am hooked to watch it several times..still groping with what does the movie wants to say..some computer freak friends of mine told me, it depicts the perpetual war between so called Virus/malicious code/spam and good "Neo" programming..finally Neo has to enter inside the malicious code to destroy it...deja vu..I understood the climax...another bunch of friends of mine told me it is the continuous conflicts between the "Good" and the "Evil"..a la Bollywood masala movie...Another set of so called spiritual friends's a direct lift from ideas of hindu mythology..our minds control everything..we live in our subconscious mind and the real world is "maya" (not Mayavati)..And to top it all..some of the most practical friends told me..stupid fellow..stop analyzing the movies and start enjoying it otherwise you would miss the plot and then will ask unnecessary questions while watching the sequel...for the record..sequels are not that enticing!!

So after so much desultory talk, let me say this..after watching the movie I wrote this poem..

The Matrix
From deep sleep I woke up to find the world as a Matrix,
And my identity nothing but an Asterisk!!
The whole world seems so real,
Everybody definitely under a veil.
The reason I wanted to wake up,
The mystery of the system to break up.
The characters found mostly bezier,
But the system itself is so linear!!
There is so much to trace,
But Time is not on my side in this case.
That's how I could not solve the tricks,
And still I am in the Matrix.

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