Friday, June 20, 2008

Hard things of Life

Hardly is it easy to pen pain through a pen,
Nor did it difficult to train yourself run like a train.

Hard work makes you to gain always time and again
It does not take a man and a woman, as to err is human.

It’s hard to send a determined saint to sand,
It’s double hard to bend a band to disband.

The grain from seed of honesty never goes to drain,
And regular exercise most likely keep healthy your brain and brawn.

All great works look tine, shiny and sunny,
It mark brighter to make bunny many as many.

Hardly can one believe a silver lining has a bright dark,
Everybody will be in disbelief if you can’t leave the world a bright mark.

You are tantalizingly hung among stars yet always with a song,
O moon! You are born to burn still leaves a path for the sun to swing.

The whole world is much larger a paint to paint,
Still attend and tend scroll yourself in to as if this world a tent.

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