Friday, June 20, 2008

How many friends I have?

From the poem could you make out, how many friends I have..I mean for how many friends of mine I have referred in this poem..If you make out about their physique and traits, then I promise you for a are you a game for it!!!

At one night able was I saw nine bright stars,
The height seems to keep them all at par.

One of the stars is looking at distant,
But the one is always been so important.

The next one seems utterly spiritual,
But the light is surely perpetual.

The other one is really so big,
You will be left with a lot lesson to pick.

The very next likes to freak,
But surely its mind always tweak.

One of them looks so sweet like a bull,
Yet he has got a lot more string to pull.

The one star you can never miss is with an elderly charm,
But the aura and brightness seems to be a celestial calm.

The small one tends to be ticklish,
But the big heart within is polished, yet not childish.

The other small one is full of tall philosophy,
However you will find it hard to ignore the genuine sympathy.

The one star can’t even speak of him,
The brightness in all sure never to get dim.

The unity in diversity can’t keep all of them apart,
Yet the willingness to diversify will always keep them intact.

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