Friday, June 20, 2008


I had this amazing experience of flying a glider at IIT Kanpur. Our instructor used to call the control as we funnily call our flying as Joyride..I wrote this poem after one such experience...

On a fine afternoon first time I saw the horizon,
I was happy and amazed as if the show has just begun.

There is swirl, feel and a lot more than thrill,
And for the moment as if I am on a palace with an extra wheel.

The whole world seem so small
It compels me to think the free fall!

In the mid way there came upon a thunder
Thus remind me not to make any blunder.

I prayed to God and a thought came upon,
Again this is not the time to worry, but to beckon.

All of a sudden I landed safely,
All of a while a broad smile came on my face tamely.

This is life, all full of joy and equal tide,
Dude!! Don’t forget; this is just a joyride!!

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